• I want to know God

    I am busy with the last phase of my book, “I WANT TO KNOW GOD”, which should be out in a couple of months.

  • God’s Voice

    There is a voice that speaks to me early in the mornings just as I wake up. I have learnt that this voice has been consistent for years.

  • A lasting LEGACY

    I had an intriguing dream this past night. Was walking along a street with two other people and a man was crossing the road without watching and was hit by a speeding car.

  • True LOVE (Agapao)

    True LOVE (Agapao) – The God-kind of love is the kind that is stronger when there is every reason in the natural not to love. It is that nature of God that rises above selfish senses towards somebody in spite of their short comings. Anybody can love a friend who

  • Asking God Why

    There comes a time in life when the question WHY becomes the most nagging question in life. WHY did I lose my baby,