I want to know God

I am busy with the last phase of my book, “I WANT TO KNOW GOD”, which should be out in a couple of months.God remains to be a mystery and many that follow Him do not know Him and most are far from finding Him. God has WAYS and He says in Isaiah that His WAYS are not man’s ways. In Romans 11:33 Paul says His WAYS are past finding. Psalm 103:7 declares that He REVEALED His WAYS to Moses, but the children of Israel on knew the SIGNS. Israel only knew what they saw demonstrated but Moses knew God! Moses moves the tent away from the people on GOD’S instruction, so that those who want Him should go after Him. When Moses steps into the tent as the first God seeker, the Shekinah glory fill the tent with a visible smoke. But while Moses is engulfed in the smoke, he still cries, “GOD, SHOW ME YOUR GLORY!” Moses is not satisfied with the smoke, He wants to know God! Most of today’s Christians will be ok to camp in the SMOKE. But Moses knows that God is beyond the SIGNS. It’s clear that God’s signs are not necessarily God, but what he has done. To find God and know His ways, one must go past his SIGNS to the one who does then signs. This generation is faced with one dilemma, that Israel faced as well in the wilderness, WE DO NOT KNOW GOD! We go to church, we pray, we fast often, we give, we preach and we sing; BUT WE DO NOT KNOW GOD! It is possible to be born again for 30 years and not know God. It is even possible to serve God and not know God. We do not know Him because we have been in church for 20 years. God is known by REVELATION. Until when we deeply hunger for Him and seek to know Him, God may not be revealed. My prayer is that you may get a deeper revelation of God. It will shift how you perceive life, how you react to life and how you relate with people. To be continued…. Please share with your friends. 

Blessings, Elias Ndeda.


  1. Theladyherself says

    I cannot wait for the book to be out I want to know God just as God showed Moses His ways and children of Israel miracles.

  2. Clifford Mokone says

    I can’t wait for the launch…so excited.

  3. Johnnie Kuria says

    Pastor, you’ve been of great help to my life & family I honor the anointing in your life, distance has never distanced me from following you

  4. wama maina says

    looking foward to buy a copy.you blessed me the first time i heard you at kings gathering church nairobi kenya.may the grace of ADONNAI our GOD engulf as you submit and serve HIM sir.

  5. Nsikan Nelson says

    “I want to know God” is a book that will take a man from the natural to the supernatural, from impossibility to possibility.
    Men with an unusually exploit are men who know God. You cannot know God and remain a normal or nominal christian.
    Your face is about to change like that of Moses. Rev Ndeda thank you.
    Pastor Nsikan Nelson
    Author of ” The mind of the wise”

  6. pastor lottie banda says

    wows,ths inspiring.I nid to Know him.Rev elias,every writing i read frm u makes me seek God more & makes me beliv God can use me.I thank God 4u

  7. Bokang Mokoma says

    the audio series has been a tremendous blessing.


    thank for the great calling of God which is upon your life you have blessed my life and inspire me in ministry and personal life style .to God i give the Glory.

  9. veon says

    wow when is the book coming out man of God

  10. Peter Mwanza says

    Please help with dvd for the preaching of Elias Neda i like his preaching

  11. Khakhathi mulaudzi says

    I am looking forward to the book

  12. William De Beila says

    Great servant of God,I need a copy of the book,I really wana know God ,the series was something else

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