God’s Voice

There is a voice that speaks to me early in the mornings just as I wake up. I have learnt that this voice has been consistent for years. This morning it was like I was in a class and He was lecturing me. And not only does he speak biblical stuff only, but he talks about almost everything. I had misplaced some dollars a few weeks ago and had searched fruitlessly. I mourned and was sad for days because it was not little money. This morning I wake up, and in that same position, my head still on the pillow, 80% awake and 20% asleep (am sure some of u know what am talking about), I hear this voice saying, “go check the inner pocket of your checked blazer. And push your hand to the left side of the pocket, there is a hole there because that pocket is torn. Push your hand all the way down and you will find your dollars…” Then he kept talking and said, DON’T EVER LIVE AS IF YOUR LIFE ALL DEPENDED ON YOU AND YOUR HUMAN ABILITIES. YOU ARE A LIMITED CREATURE WHO WILL ALWAYS NEED SUPERNATURAL HELP…” Then I was wide awake. Friends, I have 5 checked blazers and since the voice wasn’t specific I ran to my closet and started searching all of them. Guess what, it was true!!!! The third blazer had an inner pocket that had a hole and even before sticking my hand inside the hole down, I started feeling the lower sides of the jacket and I felt the money. That voice saved me 2000usd that the dry cleaning guys might have laid their hands on. I am compelled to share this because we have sidelined this voice and the person in many of our lives. The Lord said, “I will not leave you alone, but I will send you a helper. And He shall teach you ALL THINGS.” Many people around the world have asked me how I get the insights that I get in scripture. Today I answer you all, IT IS THAT SAME VOICE. THAT PERSON CALLED THE HOLY SPIRIT. Developing a relationship with the third person of the trinity is crucial for anyone desiring to walk above the natural. There is so much that we could do in this life if only we could master that VOICE. And He speaks everyday and about everything. He speaks about relationships, He speaks about business, He speaks about investments, He speaks about health, He speaks about ministry, He speaks about EVERYTHING! I have learnt that even friends that speak into my life, I had to develop a relationship with them to that level, then open up my life for them to speak. AND THE MORE CLOSE I AM WITH ANY OF THEM, THE MORE THEY TALK TO ME. May you develop this amazing relationship in your life and see how your life will move from ordinary living to a life full of supernatural encounters with God! LET THE HOLY SPIRIT BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND! Share with all your friends if this inspires you. I treasure your friendship.

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