True LOVE (Agapao)

True LOVE (Agapao) – The God-kind of love is the kind that is stronger when there is every reason in the natural not to love. It is that nature of God that rises above selfish senses towards somebody in spite of their short comings. Anybody can love a friend who does them good… But can you LOVE (Agapao) your enemies (your haters, despisers, slanderers, etc)? – Matthew 5:38-48. When God commands us to love, I don’t think he expects us to do it out of our human nature but to develop His divine nature within us to the degree that when required, His divine nature rises above our carnal and selfish human self. Only God can love the “unlovables”. May God’s nature be so formed in us to the degree that we are able to easily LOVE (agapao). Otherwise, John in his epistle will refer to us as a people that DO NOT KNOW GOD – 1 John 4:8. When I think of how we have treated our fellow Christians, family members, colleagues and friends, 1 John 4:8 confronts me. I AM HEAVILY CONVICTED THIS MORNING. I NEED MORE OF GOD! ‪#‎ichoosetochange‬

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