Asking God Why

There comes a time in life when the question WHY becomes the most nagging question in life. WHY did I lose my baby, WHY was I fired, WHY did I break up, WHY was I raped,
WHY did my husband leave, WHY did my business fail, WHY was I rejected, WHY can’t I have a baby, WHY am I sickly, WHY do people hate me, WHY am I not married by now….etc. it’s alright to ask WHY in life and seek answers to difficult situations and things we don’t understand. The only thing is that this question should be directed to the right person – God. And WHY shouldn’t be to question His authority but to explore His WILL and find the mystery of His WAYS. God is the master architect of life and holds the answers to all the questions of life. He has somehow designed it that ALL THINGS WORK FOR THE GOOD OF THEM THAT LOVE HIM. Tribulation is one of GOD’S ways of developing CHARACTER and INTEGRITY in the lives of His people. Whether known to the person being tried or not, there is a purpose for every trial in life. Trials are necessary elements of Christian perfection and a primary prerequisite in the receiving of the promises of God. NO SITUATION HAS THE POWER TO DESTROY YOU UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT, because the WILL of God will never lead you to a place where the GRACE of God cannot sustain you. It is the GRACE FACTOR that has kept all of us to this point! I wish to urge you to adjust your perspective on trials and pain and fix your eyes on the greater one – God. Remember, there’s no GLORY without a STORY, no TRIUMPH without TRIAL, no CONQUEST without COMBAT, no GAIN without PAIN and no TESTIMONY without a TESTING. Praying the best of life for you. Please share this with friends, you have no clue what impact it could have. Bless you!

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